Jamie & Irene: 1981 - 1987

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Here's Jamie (in red) celebrating Easter with her cousin Irene. I can't remember if this was
1981 or 1982 so I'm not sure if this was her first Easter Egg hunt or her second, but clearly
Irene was a seasoned veteran. Maybe it was because Jamie wasn't quite awake yet, but the
first couple eggs were found by Irene.

It didn't take too long for Jamie to get in the spirit though...

then the game was on in earnest.

Of course, no child gets that excited about hard-boiled eggs until you hide them,

then they can't get enough of them.

Once they had eaten a healthy breakfast of eggs, what better way to top it off than with a bunch of chocolate?

I think this is Jamie's 3rd birthday.

It looks like Irene is helping to blow out the candles, of which there appear to be 3,
plus a large numeral for educational purposes...

It looks like Irene and Jamie have started to celebrate without the grown-ups.

I know what you're thinking: how could any responsible parent let a little kid have a
Budweiser? First of all, who said I was responsible? And second, they didn't have
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale back then.

I'm not sure when this was taken but you can tell that Jamie's mom was still around
by the fact that there is a plant - and it's not brown. This would be the first of
many sets of coveralls that would adorn Jamie's wardrobe.

The first Christmas in San Jose. I still remember assembling that bicycle while Jamie was asleep.

I remember this party. It was in 1984 and it was in July. I'm guessing it was July 4th.
That's Jamie, her grandmother's friend Cheryl, Cheryl's daughter Amber,
and Jamie's grandmother (a.k.a. my mother).

Jamie and Irene spending the night somewhere. The date on the back says November, 1984.

It looks like she's choking back tears here,
but I seem to recall she was trying not to laugh - and failing miserably...

Jamie unwrapping the tapes that went with the camcorder that I got her for Christmas in 1987.
It was a pretty low-tech camcorder but apparently they're all the rage now for that retro look.
She really wishes she knew what became of that. Not to mention that original GI Joe that I gave her.
Who knew that those would be worth something someday...

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