Young Lakes: 18 Aug - 21 Aug 2006

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After about a mile and a half of hiking and about an 800 foot climb, we cross this meadow



Looking back at where we had come from, as we worked our way up toward the pass...

...and up...

...and further up.

Until we came across the pass at 10,500 feet and looked down on the lowest of the three Young Lakes.

There was a lot more snow than I had encountered in the past.

Once we got down the other side of the pass and worked our way around the lake at about 9,850 feet,
Jim took this picture looking back at the pass we had just climbed down from.

On the second day we hiked east to the higher lakes of Young Lakes.

Click on this picture to see a panorama shot that was stitched together from 4 pictures taken from the
far side of the highest of the 3 Young Lakes.

Another shot of Young Lake #3

Working our way back down, I took this picture looking back in the direction of Young Lake #3.
Everywhere you look up there, it appears as if the wildflowers have been arranged by some Zen gardener...

...always a beautiful assortment of lavender, daisies, and various red and yellow flowers.

On the third day we hiked north to the Roosevelt Lake. As we got higher in elevation the trees got shorter.
And we got shorter of breath.

By the time we got to Roosevelt Lake, the trees were almost completely gone.

We started back down, and then paused for a snack.

Looking east from Roosevelt Lake.

Looking southeast

Looking south

Stopping to refill a canteen

Click on this picture to see a large panorama shot stitched together from 4 pictures taken in the area from
the upper lake near the left, to the lower lake roughly in the middle - and barely visible (below and to the left
of Ragged Peak). Off to the right and in the distance you can see a couple of the domes of Yosemite Valley.

Click on this picture to see a panorama shot that I stitched together from 2 pictures.
This is the view looking south as we made our return trek from Young Lakes.